A Comprehensive Guide To Vlogging Cameras

A Comprehensive Guide To Vlogging Cameras

In case you are not aware by now, this is the era of digital video. The days of sitting in front of the television and skipping channels for long periods of time just to find the content that most suited you are slowly disappearing.

This massive shift began gradually in 2012 with three hundred and seventy-two million digital video viewers who have grown monumentally up till now with almost eight hundred million digital video viewers.

The time most people used to spend watching these videos was about twenty to twenty-five minutes, but now the duration has increased. Now you can see everybody on YouTube or Facebook posting videos of themselves explaining new products, teaching, reviewing, making funny videos, etc.

According to a study, people at least watch one hour of digital videos per day. The reason why people watch these videos for a more extended time is mainly that of smartphones, which are more convenient and easy to handle than personal computers or laptops.

Woman vlogging about make-up.

The viewing habits of people are increasing day by day and the online content that people prefer most these days are vlogs, which are a short form of video blogs. The people who make vlogs are called vloggers.

Vloggers mainly share their lives and their routines in the vlogs. Audiences have become enchanted with vlogs as they do not take up too much of your time and are readily available.

There are different types of vlogs. Some are informational, some are for entertainment, and there are some that blend entertainment with information. A large number of people make vlogs because they are cheap and easy to make.

A little bit of creativity and a decent quality camera is all you will need to make a vlog. People often wonder what the necessary steps of creating a vlog would be. Well, we have given a step by step guide on how to make vlogs.

  • Plan the content of your video of shooting it. Write it down preferably, and make sure that all your content looks organic.
  • Save the video file on your computer and make sure that you have a backup copy of the video in case one gets deleted. Software like iMovie, windows movie maker, video pad and quick time is excellent for saving these videos.
  • Set up an account on any site or app that hosts vlogs and give your necessary info on the profile.
  • Take a screenshot of the video you are about to upload and upload that screenshot as your thumbnail.
  • Publish your video content online
  • Add links to your video so that viewers can access your profile easily

History Of Vlogging

In the early days when video logging did not exist, people used to write and upload their writing online. These writings came to be known as blogs. But as time went by blogs were replaced by vlogs. Instead of reading about peoples live people were able to watch it unfold in front of their eyes.

Even though there were some vlogs present in the early 2000s as well, 2004 was the year when they started to gain traction.

Because of how budget friendly vlogs are a lot of people began to make them and a vlog called Rocketboom garnered a lot of success because of its informational news. It is only because of the earlier vlogs that vlogs are the worldwide phenomena they are today.

A lot of top breakout stars and internet sensations owe their success to vlogs. There were not many platforms in the early days that were able to host vlogs, and there weren't any modes of distributing these videos either except email.

Vlogging illustrated.

People had to make their sites for posting their vlogs. Individual sites made it difficult for people to find these vlogs and advertising was difficult and costly as well.

Early vlogs were only informational and educational, and even though people liked them, they started to get boring for some people. It gave birth to entertainment vlogs. People began to gain their interest back in vlogs because of entertainment vlogs. There are different variations of informational and educational vlogs, and people have a wide variety of videos to watch.

YouTube Revolution

YouTube is the platform that took vlogging on a whole new level. All people had to do was the signup and make an account, set up their profiles, and soon they could start uploading their videos. Posting vlogs on YouTube meant that your content would get enough coverage and advertisement that you didn't need to make your website to upload your vlogs.

What makes YouTube the ultimate destination for vlog posting is the fact that this is the only platform that allows you to upload videos with extended run time.

Not only do you get to show off your creativity and skills in these vlogs on YouTube but as people will start recognizing you, you'll get more views on your videos. As a result of more YouTube views, you will receive more pay. Famous vloggers earn a lot of money, which is why most of them have adopted video blogging as their primary job.

The YouTube revolution has seen many vloggers turn into big-time celebrities. With the trend of vlogging at its peak, it seems highly unlikely that it will disappear anytime soon. Even famous personalities from television are slowly turning their attention towards vlogging on YouTube as it is a great way for brand promotion and acknowledgment.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, And Others

In case you are wondering, YouTube isn't the only option for you to upload your vlogs. There are several other options for you. With the rise of social media in recent years, people now have the ease of uploading their content on multiple platforms to get more eyes on it.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine among many others are extremely popular among people and offer great optimization when it comes to advertising and sharing. An advantage that social media sites have over other websites is that it makes it easier for the followers and viewers to reach out to the people responsible for creating the content.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine icons.

That helps them to improve their vlogs and add some suggestions that people give to the vlog creators.

People use social media vlogging as a quick and easy way to achieve fame. However, if they use it correctly, they will find it surprising to find out the benefits and advantages it has to offer.

Understanding How Cameras Work

As we all know, the equipment that is extremely necessary for making vlogs is a camera. There are different cameras available that you can use for creating vlogs. However, the way most cameras operate is usually similar. Following are some essential camera features that everyone should know.


A common thing present in every digital camera is a sensor. The sensors in each camera tend to vary considerably with the sizes of the camera. A tip: whenever you are out shopping for an HD camera, it is essential that you inspect the product's sensor.

The sensor is a device inside the camera, and it helps in capturing the light that a digital image requires. The sensor mostly gives the information that pictures need. So, if the sensor of your camera has any damage or is not working, your camera won't be of any use.

There have been various sensor technologies available throughout the years, each improving over the others. The two sensor technologies that are present in most cameras are CMOS and CCD technology.


The fundamental purpose of every digital camera is to take pictures as elements of pixels. One million pixels constitute one megapixel. There are thousands of little pixel elements in one single image.


The high-resolution rate of any picture depends upon the number of pixels that digital photos have. If you are a person who loves the attention to detail in everything, then buying a camera with a high megapixel rate would be the best option for you. The video and picture quality seems to be closer to real life if you shoot with a higher megapixel camera.

Another advantage that higher megapixel cameras have on other cameras is the fact that whenever you transfer the videos and photos on the computer screen, they do not look pixilated like they do in smaller megapixel cameras.


An essential pillar of photography that has an enormous impact on the quality of the video or images is the ISO. The brightness of your photos entirely depends upon the ISO. Setting the ISO before shooting your video is extremely crucial as every light requires a different ISO setting. Increasing the ISO setting of your camera makes your videos and pictures brighter.

However, you should always keep in mind that whenever you increase the ISO of your camera, the video or image gets grainier.


There is a hole present inside the lens that allows light to enter the camera. If you pay close attention, the opening functions the same way a human eye does. Just like the human eye shrinks in bright lights and expands in darker lights the aperture requires the same settings to get good video and picture quality.

With the presence of aperture, you can alter the size of it to adjust the exposure of light in your video or picture.

Shutter Speed

Along with the aperture and ISO, the shutter speed is an essential pillar of photography. There are two things that shutter speed is responsible for, the first thing is creating a dramatic effect and the second thing is changing the brightness of your photo. The dramatic impact that shutter speed creates is by blurring or freezing the action you are recording.

Frames Per Second

Frames per second are the abbreviation of FPS. Frames per second show the complete number of scans a camera does on the display screen. To be exact, the amount of time an image or video refreshes on a screen per second. The speed at which a camera can shoot is the most straightforward explanation of FPS.

A top quality camera of this day and age can shoot fourteen to fifteen images per second. But with technology growing at a rapid rate, the cameras will have much higher frames per second ratio and make the cameras of today look ancient in comparison.


The glass present in front of the imaging sensor of your camera is the lens. The lens is an integral part of any SLR camera. The body of the camera is essential as well, but without the camera lens, you will not be able to capture top quality pictures and videos.

Camera lenses.

You will find it surprising that if you change the body of your camera and get a newer model body and attach your old lenses to it, the image quality will increase significantly. There are varieties of lenses available in the market with different price ranges.

The price and quality of lenses vary depending upon the distance and clarity the lenses have to offer. The higher the object distance, the higher the price range.

Memory Cards

It is somewhat evident that no digital device has unlimited space for storing pictures or videos. Every camera requires a memory card. Some memory cards are built in while some are not. If you plan to make a vlogger or take numerous photos, it would be a good idea to purchase a camera that does not have a built-in memory card.

Having an integrated memory card puts you at a disadvantage and restricts you because the size of the pictures and videos is high. It would be a preferable option to invest your money in a memory card that has a high storage capacity so that you do not have to face the hassle of continually deleting files from your camera while you are shooting.

Types Of Cameras For Vlogging

Following are the main cameras that most vloggers use:

Different types of cameras on the table.

Action/Adventure camera

These cameras are for vloggers who shoot their content outdoors. The action-adventure cameras are durable and easy to handle as they are ideal when the vloggers are filming an adventurous trip, sport, or a dangerous stunt.

The way these cameras record is usually in burst mode as the action is fast-paced and non-stop. The action-adventure cameras also come with protective housing as they require constant protection from crashing with other objects and falling.

A lot of extreme sports like wingsuit flying and base jumping use these cameras. These cameras either have a micro USB connector or a micro SD card. With the increasing popularity of these cameras, the manufacturers have started to produce them with the ability to shoot in 4K and Ultra HD.

Since the nature of use of the action-adventure cameras is usually rough, companies have started to provide waterproof versions of them to make sure that you can have fun in or near the water while filming all of it.


The DSLR is a standard digital camera that most video bloggers use these days. These cameras are perfect for people who shoot their content at a single location. The most impressive feature that makes DSLR a top choice camera for every vlogger is the fact that it can record without the regular supervision of a person.

People who prefer to do their projects solo use DSLRs as all they have to do set up the camera on a stationary object, preferably a DSLR tripod or stand and shoot their vlogs. It’s simple and does not take up too much time.

For people who do not know the perfect aperture, lens, shutter speed, and frames per second settings, they can always use the autofocus mode to shoot their vlogs on their DSLR.

Compact Camera

The compact camera is the most rudimentary form of camera available in the market. It is straightforward to operate and has no different settings like the DSLR. The compact camera is always in autofocus mode and sets the brightness, exposure, and frames per second automatically.

The truth is that these cameras are not ideal for vloggers, but people who are new to the vlogging scene can surely benefit from these cameras and use them as a stepping stone for learning the art of making vlogs.


Compact cameras are becoming obsolete with the presence of high-quality smartphones. People who are on a short budget but still want superior video quality in their vlogs can benefit significantly from smartphones.

The camera quality of smartphones is a sight to behold and even makes us wonder the possibility of smartphones taking over the DSLRs and handheld cameras as well. Because when you take a closer look, the smartphones being made these days have the picture and video quality that is close to or even better than some professional camera lenses.

They are easily portable and can fit in a pocket. What more could one want? And to top all of that you can easily upload your vlogs with the single push of a button, which is not possible using any other camera.

Several people ask the question, "should I use a 4k camera or a 1080p for shooting my vlog?”

Well, it depends on many different factors. The 1080p cameras are cheaper than the 4k cameras, but the 4k quality cameras provide superior quality. However, keep in mind that you are shooting a vlog and not a feature film.

The first thing every filmmaker should focus on is the content of the video. If you produce high-quality content on a regular basis with decent enough video quality like the 1080p, then people wouldn't notice the quality of the video that much.

Smartphone camera.

On top of that, when you transfer the 4k quality videos to your phone or laptop, you won’t notice too much of a difference between the 1080 and the 4k.

We’re not saying that 4k is useless; in fact, it is excellent, it doesn't translate well on smaller screens. If you plan your vlog to put your vlog on bigger screens, then there is no better choice than to shoot on 4k.

To top all of that 4k has larger files and takes up too much space, so it is an unnecessary step to shoot your vlogs in 4k quality.

However if you can afford it, there is no harm in shooting in quality either. In fact, there is an advantage of shooting your video in 4k and uploading it in 1080 condition; this will help in improving video qualities on smaller screens as well.

Would I Require Camera Stands For My Vlogs?

Even though people do not make vlogs in a single location, there are several occasions where buying a camera stand may be advantageous. There are several camera stands that provide flexibility and creativity in taking unique angle shots during your vlogs. Their weight bearing capacity classifies the stands or tripods, and some examples of them are as follows:

  • Gorillapod 325
  • Gorillapod 500
  • Gorillapod 1000
  • Gorillapod 3000
  • Gorillapod 5000


We have discussed vlogging cameras and its history while also explaining how vlogging cameras work. We have also considered the different types of vlogging cameras available in the market, which include adventure camera, DSLR, compact camera, and smartphones. We have also highlighted the pixel rates of these cameras.

Man using a vlogging camera.

We have provided a comprehensive explanation of what features to look for in Vlogging cameras. Down below we have given a buying guide that will help you choose the vlogging camera that best suits your needs.

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