Sony a5100 Vlogging Camera Review

Sony a5100 Vlogging Camera Review

If capturing your special moments have always been one of your hobbies, it is crucial that you find the best camera to add cinematic magic in your pictures.

Sony, in this regard, has always emerged with some top-notch and full-frame viewfinders that are versatile and encompass impressive features. The new series of Sony A5100 has assembled all top-to-bottom, excellent image qualities in the innovative mirrorless device.

Sony a5100 Mirrorless Digital Camera

About The Product

The camera comes packed with some of Sony’s best technologies ranging from an auto-focus technology of phase-detection to large sensors. Considering Sony's interface between high tech and customer's demand, Sony A-5100 Digital Camera has all the essential features required to develop and enhance one's photographic skills.

Buyers who are fond of capturing all their random moments, Sony A-5100, is their go-to device as it is handy and portable to be adjusted comfortably in the pocket.  Hence, this electronic viewfinder is better than what other mirrorless cameras offer-especially if you intend to take your photography skills a step ahead.

 Product Features

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    Has a high resolution of 24MP and APS –C sensors
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    Has 179 AF ultra-fast focus
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    Comes with Wi-Fi connectivity to share pictures
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    Can record  Full HD  videos up to 50 Mb (6fps non-stop shooting)
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    Delivers 24.5 MP detailed image in low light
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    Lightweight and portable
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    Weighs 9.9 ounces
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    4.3 x 1.4 x 2.5 inches product dimension
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    Entails 100- 25600 ISO range
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    Has highly developed sensors
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    Comes with BIONZ X processor
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    Entails 180° LCD screen to take an easy selfie

Product Benefits

Capturing your crucial moments with the right quality image is no more a challenge with Sony A5100 Digital Camera as the innovative device entails all that it requires to take a quality photo or shoot video. Equipped with six fps, 179 AF, and fast autofocusing, the camera adds a class to your pictures.

Moreover, the product is known for never missing any moments; this fantastic view-finder allows you to take snaps with its 0.07 ultra-fast speed. Plus, you can enjoy continuous shooting with 179 phase-detection, AF tracking and AF sensors of the camera.   

Even if you are capturing a moving subject, Sony A5100 Digital has the spectacular output with its subject tracking ability that ensures to catch or shoot your desire moment without hindrance.

If you have been missing the details in your captured images, buying Sony A5100 Digital is an ideal option for you.  With its incredible optical lens and 24.5 megapixels Exmor, your still gets a gorgeous enlargement. APS HD CMOS sensors further enhance the quality.

No longer do you have to rely on DSLRs to capture high-resolution images as Sony A5100 Digital also entails gapless on-chip lens for achieving light sensitivity and image refinement.

Beside this, Sony A5100 Digital has BIONZ X processor and Exmore sensors for high sensitivity.  Taking stunning images even if there is no light or low light has become extremely easy with inculcated ISO range of the camera.  ‘The brighter, the better'-   the pop-up flashlight provides your pictures an extra luminosity of light.

Movie making with Sony A5100 Digital has become even more comfortable as the camera is equipped with HD 1920 x 1080 cinematic 24p mode. 

It captures actions with high frame-rates of 60i and 60pa and facilitates video maker tracking subjects with even better speed. Not only this, you can quickly broadcast, record and upload your videos on the web with selectable XAVC S, 50Mb/s high bitrates, MP4 codecs, and Blu-ray quality.

Sony a5100 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Wi-Fi connectivity is another impressive feature of this fantastic viewfinder.  You can easily control it with compatible tablet and your Smartphone. Framing the picture and clicking your camera’s shutter to transfer it to your phone, is all you need to do for image transformation.

Also, with NFC connectivity, it is simple to move the image directly to your mobile device for quick editing. Thus, the compact mirrorless camera is a full of built-in technology like E mount system, interchangeable lenses, play memories camera app, smooth zooming, and many more to capture your moments the way you desire.


  • Pocket-size compact design
  • Accurate and fast auto-focus
  • High resolution
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

What Other Buyers Are Saying

Whether it is vlogging or capturing snaps for an instant upload on Instagram or Facebook, Sony A5100 has become one of the most preferred cameras for the buyers.

With its smart features of high resolution and fast focusing, the buyers can capture and share some of their most cherished moments. The device has caught the attention of aspiring photographers looking for something advanced, yet convenient.

Moreover, the device has proven to be the best beginner camera for the buyers with its better control surfaces. Easy to operate, it requires only a few pushes to switch ISO adjustments, aperture and shutter in Sony A5100, and that makes it beginner friendly.

Buying Advice

Some of the buyers raised their concerns regarding poor synchronization between Sony A5100 and Sony’s Play Memories app.  Buyers faced problem in accessing their photo memory to transfer pictures to computer or laptop.  

However, you can resolve the issue by getting a better wi-fi connection. Aside from this, Sony A5100 has received positive feedback not only from novice photographers but also from professional vloggers for its reasonable price and incredible features.

Sony a5100 Mirrorless Digital Camera

If you are interested in buying this unique camera, you can avail some exciting discount offers upon buying it from Amazon.  The product is available under $ 350.

Final Verdict

All in all, inculcated with premium technology, Sony A5100 undeniably is a camera that skillfully captures saves and shares your life moments. The product features some exceptional qualities like ultra-focus, high resolution, LCD screen and portability making it a device worth seeking.

Thus, if you are an apprentice in photography domain, starting with Sony A5100 mirrorless camera will help you enhance your photography skill like no other camera can.

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