Nikon CoolPix B500 Vlogging Camera Review

Nikon CoolPix B500 Vlogging Camera Review

Are you looking for a video camera for vlogging or a fantastic image taker to capture your family vacation?

If yes then you should check out the Nikon CoolPix B500 digital camera.

Nikon COOLPIX B500 Digital Camera

About The Product 

Nikon has designed this camera to fit perfectly in your hands and deliver the precise results with a host of exciting features. Let’s take a look at the most highlighting features of the camera.

Product Features

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    The high-quality CMOS sensor powers the 16-megapixel camera for pristine shots
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    The focal length of 35mm allows for perfect close-up shots
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    It has 80x digital zoom and 40x optical zoom
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    The 3-inch LCD can tilt to allow shots at odd angles
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    The powerful NIKKOR 3.0-6.5mm lens will never require you to buy an extra lens
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    It can record high-definition videos at 30 frames per second
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    It sports NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for quick file-sharing
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    Users can enhance pictures with ease with the 18 different scene modes
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    The vibration reduction technology adjusts the lens during shaky conditions to give you steady and neat shots
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    Users can control it using their smartphones
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    Alkaline batteries are highly recommendable for long-lasting performance

Product Benefits

Nikon Coolpix B500 is a new entry in its famous lineup of Coolpix cameras. It is the best friend of any semi-professional photographer to take excellent shots. The sensor and 16mp camera are fantastic already, but it's the two types of zooms that matter.

You can zoom into the objects 40x using the optical zoom feature. It that’s not close enough, you can use the digital zoom for an additional 40x zoom.

When taking photos at odd angles becomes a challenge, use the tilting feature of its 3-inch LCD. The powerful NIKKOR lens will never let you miss your old external lenses. The 1080p video recording is available at 30 frames per second with NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to transfer your files quickly to other devices.

It also boasts 18 modes for you to record different types of scenes without ever feeling the need to tough and tweak the manual settings. Smartphone compatibility is another highlighting feature of Nikon B500. Once you have connected it to your smartphone, you can use your device to control your camera settings and programs.

Nikon COOLPIX B500 Digital Camera

What this means is that you can record your favorite scenes without going close to them. One of the issues with zoomed in shots is that they are incredibly shaky. That's when you can use the lens-shift vibration reduction feature to capture the moments without blurring them.


  • The 1/2.3” sensor means every picture is bright and clear even when you take shots in low light
  • The 921k dot LCD ensures that every video and image appears fine
  • Vibration reduction technology reduces shakiness of the hand while making shots for blur-free photos
  • The 35mm equivalent focal length means you can take perfect close-up shots as well—it’s almost like you are looking at things with your eyes
  • The tilting LCD is a great addition when you have to take photos at odd angles
  • It has the natural and 18-scene mode, so every picture is neat in any setting
  • The addition of 80x digital zoom in addition to the 40x optical zoom is perfect for those who like to take zoomed in shots of birds and wild animals
  • When you want to make pictures in sensitive situations, i.e., you don't want to scare away a pet, you can connect it to your smartphone and control it remotely


  • The LCD tilts but does not rotate
  • Video recording is only possible at 30fps

What Others Are Saying

Customers seem happy with the Nikon Coolpix B500 overall. They love the extra perks that the camera has such as the tilting LCD and the 80x digital zoom. Most families have shown their love for the camera for taking pictures while traveling. Many users have also admired the close-up shots that are possible with the lens with such fantastic focal length.

A lot of the people who have purchased it believe that they are getting plenty of features for the price they have paid. Many customers have enjoyed the excellent zooming feature that the camera has, taking pictures of the moon and their family members standing several meters away from them.

One of the things that customers have liked about the camera is the user-friendly features. Many customers believe that they were able to learn to take photographs because of how easy it was for them to use the controls of the camera.

Buying Advice

Nikon Coolpix B500 comes from a famous lineup of cameras from the company. When you buy it, you should expect excellent picture quality and an unbelievable zoom. It is not exactly a professional camera so those who are looking for professional cameras might not find a lot of utility in this one.

Nikon COOLPIX B500 Digital Camera

However, if you are someone starting out as a photographer, this camera will be your best friend. It has excellent focal length and zoom, a powerful lens with 16mp maximum output and a tilting LCD. A crucial point to keep in mind is to use the right batteries with the camera or else it might act up.

Final Verdict

When a user looks for a camera, excellent picture quality and zoom feature are the main buying points for him/her. However, at an affordable price and in a compact size, Nikon has incorporated a lot of unique features that the new photographers will love about this camera.

Overall feedback from the customers is excellent about Nikon CoolPix B500. Its zoom, image quality, ergonomics and the user-friendly menus should be the main reasons for you or anyone to buy this camera. Is it a recommendable product? Of course, it is a recommendable product, and an excellent gift for your photography-loving loved ones too.

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