Canon PowerShot G9X Vlogging Camera Review

Canon PowerShot G9X Vlogging Camera Review

Whether you are a novice who wants to learn advanced photography skills or an experienced v-logger who wants a perfect balance of portability and image quality, Canon PowerShot G9X is an ideal camera for you.

The company is known for providing the best capturing and framing devices and Canon Power Shot G9X Digital Camera is quintessential when it comes to listing Canon’s most excellent cameras.

Canon PowerShot G9 X Digital Camera

About The Product

The viewfinder is undeniably a valuable addition to the PowerShot G9 X series that incorporates a plethora of advanced features and takes photography a mile ahead. It comes with intuitive control and simple adjustment setting to help you capture great moments.

The pocket-sized camera has expanded Full HD movie options that include large sensors, MP4 format and advanced audio features turning video shooting in a convenient process that you have never imagined.

With lots of image sync functions, the camera is a must-to-have device for the buyers who want to facilitate with advanced features to improve their photography skills. The product sets its aim to provide a high-tech multifunctional camera that allows buyers to demonstrate their creativity via videos and images.

Product Features

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    Has 20.2 megapixels and CMOS high-sensitivity sensors to enhance image quality
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    Entails DIGIC powerful image processor to create HS system that helps in low-light performance
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    Compact and ultra-slim design to carry around
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    Comes with LCD touch option to improve the user interface
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    Comes with Full HD 1080P Video making option
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    Has MP4 format, 60 frames and Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity to transfer images
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    Equipped with Star mode, IS intelligent technologies
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    Weighs 7.4 ounces

Product Benefits

Combined with slim brilliance image quality and compact, portable design, Canon PowerShot G9X is the camera of your desires. Whether it is about capturing inspiring images or shooting uninterrupted videos, this viewfinder will not disappoint you with its high-tech features.

When it is about slim brilliance, Canon Power G9X is not less than an all-rounder of its series. By allowing you capture pictures with 20.2 megapixels, DIGIC 6 image processor, 1.0 high -sensitivity, and focus lens of 2.0 to 4.9, this excellent device adds much detail to your image.

The high-image sensor of 1.0 inch is one of the unique features that not too many cameras offer. This feature allows you to capture a better light range and enhances the background view of sunny or cloudy weather. Moreover, the product adds more detail to your stills making them more exciting and vibrant.

The camera exhibits the same perfection when you capture something in an indoor setting where there is no or low lights. It has an ultimate 125-12800 ISO range to facilitate you with its fast shutter speed that keeps your photos virtually unaffected if camera shakes.

The outstandingly high camera resolution of 20.2 Megapixels allows you print or crop your images to highlight the better angle of your profile.

With Canon Power Shot G9X, no longer do you have to worry about the quality of your captured images and videos. The high–tech viewfinder has a specialized proprietary processor of Canon that harnesses the photo enhancer technology.

DIGIC 6 image processor offers a better capture rate to deliver a state-of-the-art performance ultimately enhancing the overall picture quality.

Plus, the camera entails an enhanced light sensitivity that perfectly works in dark areas. This feature does not only provide higher resolution but creates no sound during shooting.

The image processor of the camera functions as a performance enhancer and supports continuous shooting with its latest advanced shooting mode. Moreover, it enables you to record MP4 videos with better compatibility and allows you to save them as a highly compressed file in your mobile to preserve memory space.

Canon Power Shot G9X is also known for its feature of Dynamic IS that balances camera tilts and compensates for its parallel movement to shoot a video without any distortion.

Taking clearer and brighter images like a professional photographer is not something you cannot do now. The HS system of Canon captures stills as beautiful as you imagine with its large format of 1.0 high sensitivity and CMOS sensors that automatically capture brighter images.

Canon PowerShot G9 X Digital Camera

DIGIC processor further does not only minimize the noise level up to 12800 but processes image quickly with a full resolution. Besides that, Canon Power Shot G9X has an ideal zoom range that helps you seize fuller shots to zoom them to a beautiful close-up.

What stands out with all of these features is the innovative technology of Intelligent IS that enables you capture steady, bright and clear images. You do not need to use a tripod as it automatically detects camera movement to apply its impeccable correction method for shooting a video.

Thus, with an advanced device like Canon Power Shot G9X, capturing stabilized, bright and beautiful images are not a big deal.


  • Captures breathtaking images with high resolution
  • Continuous video shooting option
  • Captures bright and steady photos
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Great low-light performance
  • Portable

What Other Buyers Are Saying

Canon Power Shot G9X Digital Camera has been successful in convincing its buyer that it is a beautiful combination of advanced features. Buyers are not only overwhelmed with tons of exceptional qualities this single device has but at the same time; they are delighted with their purchase.

Moreover, its powerful image clarity, compact design, low-light performance have also made it the best camera of customer’s choice.

Buying Advice

The camera along with all its fantastic features is considered pricier than other digital cameras in the market. However, most buyers think that PowerShot series deserves to be expensive as it offers unique features. According to them, it is a worthy product.

Canon PowerShot G9 X Digital Camera

If you are interested in buying the product, it is available on Amazon under $435.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Canon Power Shot G9X Digital Camera is one of the premium and small viewfinders that features some incredible qualities. If you are vlogger, purchasing this product is a worthy investment with its DIGIC processor, ideal optical zoom, exceptional image clarity and quality.

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